In December 2009, ACCH received capacity-building funding from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research for Research Technical Assistance on HIV/AIDS.  ACCH's overall goal for this Program is to provide all ACCH member organizations with the necessary skills and support to undertake research that is relevant to community-based organizations in meeting their policy, program and service delivery goals. A necessary step in achieving this purpose is to build and strengthen the community-based research capacity of professional researchers and community representatives so they can effectively address the challenges of the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

The four objectives of the ACCH Community-Based Research Program are:

1.       To increase the research capacity of ACCH member organizations;

2.       To help ACCH member organizations establish or strengthen linkages with research partners;

3.       To facilitate opportunities for ACCH member organizations to engage in knowledge exchange; and

4.       To contribute to the advancement of CBR within Alberta and Canada as an important component of the Canadian Strategy on HIV/AIDS.


Seed Grants:

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