What is Community-based Research?

Community-based research (CBR) is a form of research in which principles of community involvement and collaboration are applied using scientifically accepted research methods.

Research must meet the following criteria to be considered community-based:

Community involvement

Members of the community should be actively involved in and understand all aspects of the research process, from identifying the research question, collecting and analyzing data, to reporting and applying the results.

Community relevance

Community-based research must provide information that is directly useful to the community in which it takes place.

Equity in partnerships

Although roles and responsibilities vary, all partners should have an equal voice in determining how each aspect of the research project will be accomplished.

Methodological rigour

Community-based research activities must adhere to scientifically accepted research standards.

Ethical review

Community-based research initiatives must meet ethical guidelines to ensure research participants are not harmed by any aspect of the research process.