Privacy Policy

1. The Alberta Community Council on HIV values the trust you have placed in us. We respect your personal privacy and do our best to safeguard its confidentiality and security.

2. We collect and use your personal information to:

  • Facilitate your participation at our events;
  • Facilitate your participation in various committees;
  • Keep up to date our donor list; and
  • Keep up to date our mailing list.

3. We’ll explain to you why we ask for personal information and how we will use the information you give us. We will only ask for information that we need to provide service to you.

4. We’ll keep your information accurate and up to date, allow only authorized people to see your information and always keep your information secure.

5. Please note that we do not sell, share, give or exchange information with any other parties unless it is specifically stated.

6. We’ll ask for your permission to collect, keep and use your information. We’ll only use or share your personal information for the purposes for which you gave it to us, unless we are required to do otherwise by law. The consent you give is valid until you withdraw it in writing. We will keep your information only as long as required by law.

7. We will gladly share information about our privacy policies and procedures. You may also ask to see the information we have about you. If you feel that any information is incorrect or incomplete, we ask that you tell us. Once we receive your notification, please allow us 30 days to update our records.

8. If you have any questions, comments or complaints about our privacy guidelines and principles, please contact us.