Harm Reduction Related Resources 


Turning Point Society of Central Alberta 
Turning Point Society of Central Alberta is the local charity responsible for all the HIV prevention and support in the David Thompson Health Region.

HIV Edmonton 

HIV Edmonton offers information on HIV and links to the Canadian AIDS Society.

HIV North Society

HIV North Society is a local charity dedicated to HIV prevention and support. 

ARCHES (AIDS Out Reach Community Harm Reduction & Education Society) formerly Lethbridge HIV Connection

A volunteer-based not-for-profit organization that provides leadership in building individual and community capacity to respond to and reduce the harm associated with HIV and Hepatitis C in South-Western Alberta.


A program designed to prevent the spread of HIV and hepatitis B and C infection by increasing awareness and knowledge about infection, risky injection and sexual practices and by changing behaviour surrounding these practices.

Shining Mountain Living Community Services

Shining Mountains provides a wide range of community services for people at risk for, and who are living with HIV/AIDS and/or HCV, homelessness, domestic violence, and addictions.


Streetworks is based on important philosophies like Harm Reduction, Health Promotion, and Primary Health Care. Building strengths, outreach, relationship-based work, decreasing barriers and advocacy are paramount in meeting the goals of the program.


Canadian Harm Reduction Network

A meeting place for individuals and organizations across Canada dedicated to reducing the social, health and economic harms associated with drugs and drug policies.

Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse

A not-for-profit organization working to reduce the health, social and economic harm associated with substance abuse and addictions.


Do No Harm

Harm Reduction articles and extensive resources.

Harm Reduction Coalition

Committed to reducing drug-related harm reduction among individuals and communities by initiating and promoting local, regional and national harm reduction education, intervention and community organizing.

Push Harm Reduction

Dedicated to providing information about Harm Reduction and associated interventions.

Centre for Harm Reduction

The Centre for Harm Reduction is a unit of the Macfarlane Burnet Institute for Medical Research and Public Health in Melbourne, Australia.

International Harm Reduction Association

An international professional association for individuals and organizations concerned with the development of drug policies to reduce the harmful consequences of drug use and current drug policies.

Drug Policy Alliance

Dedicated to publicizing alternatives to current anti-drug strategies. Includes articles and DPA press releases.